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Natural Health Co-op Compensation Plan



Beginning February 1, 2012, for Affiliates to continue earning 40% commission on up to 5 levels, all Affiliates must become Ambassadors. Otherwise Affiliates will make 20% commission on up to 5 levels. (Affiliates receive a commission on the sales made by affiliates under them as follows: First level 10%; 2nd level 5% ;3rd level 2.5%; 4th Level 1.25% and 5th level 1.25%)

For more info see Frequently Asked Questions. CLICK HERE.


Please CLICK HERE for more info on how to become a Healthy World Ambassador and earn more commissions.


Please Note:  Healthy World Affiliates receive paychecks when their commissions reach $25.00. Due to handling costs, we cannot process commission checks for less than this amount at this time.


Natural Health CO-Op  is a completely NEW concept combining the best of retail sales (e-commerce) and network marketing, BUT it is NOT a "multi-level" organization for a number of reasons detailed below.

NHC  (as part of Healthy World Organization) is a “REFERRAL COOPERATIVE,” really like a "LIMITED PARTNERSHIP." Affiliates are considered partners, not customers. We seek leaders for partners because we have a global mission, not simply a sales mission. Yes, we need and appreciate customers, and we encourage helpful purchases of products by everyone in HWA, but our vision goes far beyond surviving to thriving and prospering in all ways.

Reasons to Join the HWA Referral Cooperative...

  • You earn money, save money, and save people's lives.
  • You get a valuable WebStore valued at nearly $10,000 FREE with zero hidden costs.
  • You generate referrals and money from up to "5-levels" of customers and/or partners.
  • You get a banner & tools to begin making money immediately.                                 
  • You gain passive income as your network grows with Affiliates and sales.
  • You become a leader in an urgently needed "Healthy World Revolution."

Not a "Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)" Company!

In this tough economy many people are hurting and looking for jobs or ways to bring in extra income. Home-based business opportunities have emerged--but most of them are MLMs. The problem with MLM companies is that there is usually upfront fees--and always a requirement to BUY things regularly. So MLMers become more like customers than Affiliates.

Healthy World Organization provides all the tools to get folks started in their own business - FREE. We provide a valuable e-commerce WebStore absolutely FREE. Partners sign up for FREE and can begin to refer great health products to people they know, like doctors and other health professionals who are also pressured more than ever financially; or reach out to social networks and other humanitarian service organizations or religious groups. Plus, unlike the vast majority of MLMs, we pay large commissions on every sale. . . .

And if anyone referred wants to begin making money with this incredible opportunity--they, too, get a FREE WebStore. They can make BIG money because they continue to sell important, literally life-saving, health products as well as continue to help develop new Affiliates--and get paid commissions on the sales they make AND on the commissions that their Affiliates make--for five levels deep. AND THERE IS NEVER ANY RISK OR DEMAND THAT YOU PRODUCE ANYTHING! So there is ZERO PRESSURE!

Share to prosper!

Here is where building a referral network, and the magic of "referrals who refer," can help you and our global mission!

Because our products are so fast acting, powerful, and healing, people who buy them quickly develop faith and a “positive addiction.” So most customers will want to buy your products regularly, probably monthly on "auto-ship;" and that's just it! People reorder routinely. Many sign up for monthly auto-shipping to save mailing charges. So you receive increasingly larger commissions every month. (Not 1-10% like MLMs, but 20-50% depending on the product.) These are partner-size commissions!

When a customer of a customer buys - you get yet another  commission.  And that blessing continues for FIVE purchasing levels.   So imagine getting paid commissions on products that someone purchased from someone, who purchased from someone, who purchased from someone, who originally purchased products from you - WOW!

Here is what your compensation plan looks like graphically:

Important Update:


Beginning February 1, 2012, for Affiliates to continue earning 40% commission on up to 5 levels, all Affiliates must become Ambassadors. Otherwise Affiliates will make 20% commission on up to 5 levels.

Please CLICK HERE for more info.


Compensation Nuts & Bolts . . . .

According to this simple “5 X 5” plan graphed above, you only need to register 5 people who register 5 people consecutively on 5 levels, with each person buying only one health product per month. You make a 20% commission on all retail sales in Level 1, so you can begin buying your products, if you want, with the money you make, $49.40, (i.e., 20% of $247, or 5 x 49.40.).

By just doing this, not only will you be able to afford any one of the top selling products in your new store, but $5112.91 every month if only 5 Affiliates join through your store, and do the same thing for four more levels.

In other words, if you simply got 5 people to buy, let's say, OxySilver (the world's most advanced silver hydrosol) every month, you essentially get your OxySilver for free.

You would make the same amount of money if you sold only one (1) customer five (5) items from your store, but it is best to extend this opportunity for health and wealth to others.

To make your compensation plan clear and simple, Retail Sales/LEVEL 1 offers you three (3) ways to prosper:

  1. Customers buy products from your WebStore and you make 10% commissions as an Affiliate right away, and 20% commissions as an Ambassador, paid monthly by check (when $25 or more are earned);
  2. Affiliate partners sign up through your store, then you make commissions on retail sales
administered through their stores (on Level 1 for them, which is Level 2 for you); and
  3. You buy retail from your WebStore and receive 10-20% rebates (as Affiliates or Ambassadors, respectively), or 30-40% actual discounts when you buy in bulk for resale or self-use;

The Greatest Opportunity in History is NOW!

In this “Age of Health Care and Economic Crisis,” wherein medicine has generally failed, health care reforms are intoxicating, vaccinations are lethal, the economy is pitiful, and natural healthcare is exploding, it won't take much work on your part to get five smart people, who sign up as Affiliates or Ambassadors so they, too, can benefit physically and prosper financially from our plan.

In fact, you should encourage intelligent people, passionate about their health and financial well-being, to get their gift of a FREE WebStore . . . just like yours, because even though you make less initially having them buy products from their own store, your main money comes from expanding your network to expand your LEVEL 5 sales.

This is like "paying it forward,". . . you give a little and gain a lot by the giving; plus you feel great for having helped people feel so good while using our products. 

Points to Remember . . .

Health, Wealth, and Life is Great!

 How much money do you want to make?  $50,000 a year?   $100,000?   $250,000 a year???   It's all possible - and it's not even work.  It's LIFE-SAVING FUN.  And it's an important way to share the gift of good health and great wealth with people who will spread the word throughout the world.

This is how we intend to transform medicine and secure a successful alternative to the corrupt World Health Organization, . . . simply by spreading truth and prosperity that is yours to give and take.

REGISTER NOW, for FREE, to become a Healthy World Affilate. Or you might want to become an Ambassador right away, taking full advantage of this thrilling opportunity. Get registered to take your LEVEL 1 training that affords you an Ambassadorship and:
1) a new career path; 2) a new satisfying job saving lives; 3) great commissions on easy to sell awesome products; and 4) a leadership position in the "528LOVERevolution;" just by becoming a certified Healthy World Ambassador!

Pitching Organizations and Existing Networks . . .

Healthy World Organization is great for fund raising for groups that wish to raise money ethically, morally, and most naturally by sharing natural health and recovery resources. Share this opportunity with people you know and love--family, friends, people you work with, people you communicate with via Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites, health professionals, humanitarian and public service organizations that require financial support. Proudly, you can reach out to the entire world via this new and exciting e-commerce opportunity.

Please read the product descriptions, and/or watch all the product videos on the "Healthy World Org Channel", so that you can be of assistance to others who urgently need great health advice.