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$25.14 Healing Celebrations Book (hardcover book)
Healing Celebrations Book  (hardcover book)
Featured twice on TBN's "Praise the Lord" television program, Healing Celebrations reveals the hidden truths regarding your health, well-being and miraculous healings.

The book reviews Dr. Horowitz's famous 5-step plan for miraculous healings including: 1) detoxification, 2) deacidification, 3) boosting or normalizing natural immunity, 4) oxygenation, and 5) bioenergetic or biospiritual technologies. Common sense, simple, inexpensive, and practical suggestions are lovingly provided in an easy-to-read nurturing style.
Features & Ingredients
  • Reviewers agree, "This book is must reading for everyone. . . ." concerned about health and urgent recoveries. Link to Dr. Horowitz's Healing Celebrations website provides a lot more information about this life-saving book. Go to: