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$39.95 Liquid Dentist with 528- 8oz
Liquid Dentist with 528- 8oz

New LIQUID DENTIST with 528 is a one stop defense system for not only your mouth, but your body.

This new formula aggressively attacks the germs and bacteria that cause oral diseases using concentrated microfine silver plus oxygen, helping your own body repair your teeth and gums naturally. Then, by swallowing this amazing formula that terminates 500+ strains of mouth germs, and breaks down countless viruses, you get a natural nutritional immunization against these critters when you swallow!
Your teeth will feel hygienist clean for two days if you swish for 2-3 minutes, gargle, then swallow Liquid Dentist. WOW! WHAT A GREAT IDEA!

LIQUID DENTIST, coupled with good mechanical cleaning, good nutrition--avoiding sugar/refined carbohydrates, and swallowing, not only prevents decay causing acid from rotting your teeth, and without pain or drilling, kills germs that invade teeth, but you will be healthier, overall, as well.

Dr. Horowitz co-formulated LIQUID DENTIST to help re-calcify, re-mineralize, and re-harden tooth structures that have not been drilled away or lost due to old decay and tooth fractures. PLUS, this "LD528" formula kills periodontal pathogens and leaves your breath fresh and teeth feeling professionally cleaned FOR DAYS after brushing, flossing, and the recommended swish, gargle, and swallow.

LIQUID DENTIST electrocutes acid forming agents that cause needless suffering--tooth decay, dental abscesses, periodontal diseases, and expensive trips to the dentist.

Want to see more benefits? Read the LIQUID DENTIST website by CLICKING HERE.

Now you can reverse tooth decay and gum disease naturally using good mechanical cleaning, avoiding dietary sugars, and brushing swishing, gargling, and swallowing LIQUID DENTIST. Without pain or drilling. Liquid Dentist kills germs that invade teeth with its microfine silver. The minerals in LIQUID DENTIST can then remineralize and harden tooth structures that have not been drilled away or lost due to old decay and tooth fractures.

Plus, LIQUID DENTIST kills periodontal pathogens and LEAVES YOUR TEETH FEELING PROFESSIONALLY CLEANED FOR DAYS after brushing, flossing, and swishing for 2-3 minutes, gargling, and swallowing. Then, by swallowing, you get a natural nutritional immunization against 500+ strains of mouth germs, and countless viruses! Thus you get an unprecedented whole body broad spectrum immunization benefit from using this outrageous new health product that starts with your mouth.

This is the first dental remedy developed on the science of reversing tooth decay by ozonation and remineralization. The micro-silver and oxygen in Liquid Dentist electrocutes acid formers that cause needless suffering--tooth decay, dental abscesses, periodontal diseases, and expensive trips to the dentist. Then powerful minerals help to reverse tooth decay and gum disease naturally. Without pain or drilling, Liquid Dentist kills germs that invade teeth, then, by helps remineralize and harden tooth structure that has not been drilled away or lost due to tooth fractures. PLUS, Liquid Dentist kills periodontal pathogens and leaves your teeth feeling professionally cleaned FOR DAYS after brushing, flossing, and a 1-3 minute rinse.


  • Begin by starving decay-causing bacteria by eliminating sugars (refined carbohydrates) from your diet.
  • Mechanically clean your teeth well. That is, brush and floss your teeth thoroughly. Make sure you floss correctly. That is, do not “saw” your teeth with the floss, but plane the interproximal surfaces of your teeth using an "up-and-down" motion, not back-and-forth. This will get the most plaque off your teeth.
  • Next, for any large or deep cavities, or periodontal pockets, use a rubber pick (gum stimulator), tooth pick, or proxy brush, to clean out these areas as best you can.
  • Stick the bristles of your toothbrush into LIQUID DENTIST and then brush every side of every tooth with it. Re-wet your brush bristles as needed to feel most comfortable and enjoy the pleasant minty taste of this liquid.
  • Irrigate deep periodontal pockets using LIQUID DENTIST diluted 50% with water, or use a blunt-ended syringe to flush infected periodontal pockets with this product. Finally, rinse your mouth thoroughly by swishing LIQUID DENTIST around your mouth for 1 to 3 minutes.
  • Then swallow to make the best use of this health enhancing all natural product.
  • Now, . . . take the tip of your tongue and feel how clean and smooth your teeth feel. You should experience the cleanest teeth you have ever felt in your life. Keep them that way by doing the same thing just once, or at most twice, a day. It is not necessary to do this after every meal as dentists commonly recommend.

Questions & Answers

Q: I have 2 root canaled teeth that have broken off. Is there any hope for regenerating those teeth, or otherwise healing/repairing them in a low-cost and natural way?

A: LIQUID DENTIST is best used to prevent this situation. Once the main connective tissue protein fibers in the structure of a tooth is drilled away, or broken down from severe decay, the missing pieces cannot be regenerated reliably using LIQUID DENTIST.

For this situation you need either: 1) a LIVING DENTIST who is affordable, sensitive to your needs, and technically skilled; or 2) to keep the broken tooth VERY clean using mechanical aids, including brushes and picks, plus avoiding refined carbohydrates to reduce the risk of additional decay. Add to this tooth hygiene and good nutrition additional immune system boosting from products like LOVEMinerals, PrimoLife, ZeoLife, and LIQUID DENTIST when swallowed, and you may be able to forestall further tooth, bone, and periodontal destruction.

Q: How about other decay that seems to be pointing to "a root canal is necessary"?

A: This is a GREAT question. But “pointing” to a root canal, and a “necessary” root canal, are two different things. “Pointing” implies the nerve is still alive (i.e., a “vital” tooth remains). If this is the case, LIQUID DENTIST, along with the complete avoidance of foods containing decay-promoting processed sugars, will cause the decay to “arrest” or stop. Then, you may be able to restore the tooth very nicely (depending on how much of the tooth structure remains viable for remineralization using LIQUID DENTIST daily rinses.)

Remember, tooth restoration using LIQUID DENTIST always depends on: 1) the good vitality of the nerve; 2) the sugar-starving and oxygen killing of decay producing (acid forming) germs IN the tooth; and 3) the presence of dental connective tissue fibers that act like rebar (for structural support) forming the tooth’s protein matrix into which calcium, phosphate, and other natural hardening elements (that form the hard “hydroxyapatite” tooth structure) become absorbed.

Q: I have a lot of bone loss in certain parts of my mouth, and I'm wondering whether the Liquid Dentist might somehow help in regenerating bone along with gum tissue and teeth?

A: LIQUID DENTIST is not used to regenerate bone or gum tissues that have receded down the roots of teeth due to periodontal disease. LIQUID DENTIST will arrest tooth decay and gum disease when coupled with proper self-care that includes avoiding the sweets (as mentioned above) AND, for gum disease, good mechanical cleaning daily using brushes, floss, and pics when necessary.

Q: Do you have any actual clinical evidence of this product regenerating teeth, bone, or gum?

A: LIQUID DENTIST is not able to regenerate hard and soft periodontal tissues that resulted from chronic periodontitis producing receding gums.  There is substantial clinical evidence proving the combination of medical ozone, followed by mineral mouth rinsing, “regenerates” tooth structure. LIQUID DENTIST was formulated based on these readily available published studies.

Q: Is swallowing LIQUID DENTIST important for regenerating teeth?

A: Swallowing LIQUID DENTIST may have a beneficial impact systemically in preventing bone bone loss and gum recession from periodontal disease. The reason for this is simple--LIQUID DENTIST contains a remarkable combination of immune boosting monoatomic and diatomic minerals besides a high concentration of safe nano-silver that will kill germs and retard periodontal degeneration. Swallowing LIQUID DENTIST is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for its beneficial affects on total body health. If you are using LIQUID DENTIST this way, there is probably no need for you to use OxySilver, because you are getting plenty of micro-silver antimicrobial impact with LIQUID DENTIST alone when swallowed.

Testimonials - What our customers are saying about Liquid Dentist

.... By the way, I had some cavities that I was avoiding going to the dentist to deal with because I didn't have the money to pay for "new-age dentistry" but didn't want to go to the bad dentists...after months, I had chronic pain every day and knew I needed to make some choices. I did research and ended up buying your Mr. Dentist product. It killed off the infections in those teeth and the pain went away and never came back. Thank you for your work. It is very good, very needed work.....................Jan, B.A., CMT, MQP

Liquid Dentist (LD) is a unique and powerful formula for dental / orthodontic care. It helps protect and maintain your oral health while keeping your breath fresh, gums healthy, and teeth strong.


LIQUID DENTIST INGREDIENTS: Monatomic activated fulvic, silver (2000 ppm),

  • proprietary enzyme /essential oil blend (clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, peppermint, thyme, lemon, wintergreen, rosemary, cinnamon bark and birch), proprietary enzyme blend, vegetable glycerin, lecithin, xlitol, methylsulfonylmethane (pure MSM), coral calcium, purified bio-photon restructured water.


Suggested Usage: Once per day, pour 1 tsp Liquid Dentist into the lid. Brush teeth, gums, tongue and cheeks with Liquid Dentist. Spit. Floss correctly. Spit. Swish the Liquid Dentist that is left in the lid for 1-3 minutes. Swallow.

48 servings per bottle.



  • EGG allergy alert: If you are allergic to dairy products, discontinue use upon symptoms.