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Getting Started

Instructions for getting started as a new or returning affiliate.



Beginning February 1, 2012, for Affiliates to continue earning 40% commission on up to 5 levels, all Affiliates must become Ambassadors. Otherwise Affiliates will make up to 20% commission on up to 5 levels.  (Affiliates receive a co-op referral rebate payment on the sales using their personal affiliate url by other affiliates who make a purchase : First level 10%; 2nd level 5% ;3rd level 2.5%; 4th Level 1.25% and 5th level 1.25%). Rebate payments can also be made to purchase products.

Please CLICK HERE for more info.


TIP from the Webmaster:  If you are an affiliate returning to purchase products don't forget to click on your affiliate link to lock in your affiliate site to your Browser!   To do this enter where "youraffiliateid" is your Affiliate ID number in the browser address line.  You will know that you have done this when your Company/Name appears in the top right corner of the web site window.  If you are here to make a purchase through one of the affiliates, make sure the name of the affiliate that supplied you with the link appears in this area of the screen. 

Logging into your account

Use the login tab in the main menu to login to your new account.

If you are not yet a customer or an affiliate, use these options on this screen to create either the affiliate or customer account.  When you do this you will be sponsored by the company/person who's name appears in the top right of the page.

If you already have an account set-up (by some-one else or it was preloaded for you by Healthy World) but do not yet know your password.  Click on:

Don't remember your password? Please click here.

The admins do not have the ability to change or reset your password, you are the only one that can do this using this link.  The password will be emailed to you using the email that we have on file for your account.  If you have forgotten the email, contact us and we will either attach your existing account to an new email provided by you or look it up for you.