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Frequently Asked Questions




Beginning February 1, 2012, for Affiliates to continue earning 40% commission on up to 5 levels, all Affiliates must become Ambassadors. Otherwise Affiliates will make 20% commission on up to 5 levels.

Please CLICK HERE for more info.


1 - I placed an order, when can I expect it to arrive? And can I check on its shipping status?

U.S. Orders will take 7 to 10 days to arrive at destination. Tracking information will become available when order is registered by Post office. It can take 2 to 3 days.

All International orders will take All International orders will take 12 to 20 days to arrive at destination. Tracking information will become available when order arrives at Customs.

Note: Because of the issues with the USPS website, the only way to currently obtain accurate tracking information about international shipments is to call the United States Postal Service directly.  If you wish to receive verification, you may reach them at 1-800-222-1811.  When prompted, say “Other” (do not use the “Track & Confirm” option).  Answer “Yes” to the next two questions regarding International shipping, then say “other” at the final prompt.

2 - When will I get my rebate check?

Checks will be cut on the 15th of each month. Minimum amount for commissions or rebate checks is $20.00.

3 - How do I get my Affiliate discount from the retail price once I have signed up as an affiliate?

Affiliates receive a 10% discount on all personal purchases made through their affiliate link.  Affiliates need to sign-in to their affiliate account before making the purchase.  When they do this and then place the order a line item of "Affiliate Discount" will appear on the order showing them that they have received the discount. 

Affiliates will also receive a commission on the sales made by affiliates under them as follows: 1st level  10%, 2nd level: 5%, 3rd level: 2% and 4th Level: 2% and 5th level: 1%

There is no affiliate discount on case orders.  This is because the per bottle price represents a 40% discount.  Affiliates that sell a case through their web site get a $25.00 bonus.  If you sell 3 cases per month, you will get 50.00 per case commissions. You will also get a $5.00 bonus for Case sales by any affiliate that is 1,2,3 or 4 Levels below you.  All Case Bonuses are paid at the end of the month with any affiliate commissions that are earned for sales through your site or sites of affiliates that are below you.

4 - When will check be cut for affiliates under you?

See #2.

5 - When will bonus checks be paid on the sale of cases?

Bonus checks for sales of cases of products are paid at the same time at the ckecks for affiliate commissions. (See #2 & #3.)

6 - What countries does Healthy World Affiliates do business in?

We regularly ship order to most countries.  It is however your responsibility to ensure it will be received on your end.  Rules and regulations for shipment change from time to time it is your responsibility to verify the rules that apply in your case.

7 - Can I sponsor my wife or family members?

We encourage one affiliate account per household.

8 - How do I cancel Auto Ship?

To Cancel Auto ship log in to your customer account then click on (view previous orders).

9 - What guarantee do we have? offers a 30 day satisfaction guarantee that you will be grateful for the benefits experienced or receive a full money-back refund when product is returned with in the 30 day period. Simply write a note explaining your dissatisfaction and return the unused liquid in the bottle to the manufacturer.

10 - Is OxySilver™ safe for children?


11 - Is OxySilver™ safe for infants?


12 - Can I overdose on OXYSILVER™?

Please follow the recommended amount. Take One teaspoon once or twice daily or mix 4oz (half of the bottle) in 1 gal of deionized water and drink 2 to 8oz per day

13 - What is the difference between OxySilver™ and Colloidal Silver?

Click here for Colloidal Silver comparison.

14 - Is OxySilver™ a Drug?

NO! - OxySilver™ Is a mineral water with trace amount of silver. Coupled with oxygen, the OxySilver™ molecule replaces environmentally damaging over-used antibiotics as well as vaccinations.

15 - Are their any detox negative effects?

OxySilver™ typically causes massive prompt detoxification commonly called a “healing crisis.” To prevent detoxification headaches, malaise, fever, and skin rashes drink plenty of pure alkaline water (pH8-9) for a couple of days before beginning OxySilver use. Since OxySilver is so strong, it is best to detox first using a fasting routine, such as the old Stanley Burroughs "Master Cleanser," and/or ZeoLife for a week coupled with good alkaline hydration. This should minimize negative effects called the "healing crisis." 

We have received one report of anxiety and disorientation promptly following the person's use of OxySilver. This may be best explained by the 528Hz frequency homeopathic-like affect helping to purge dissonant bioenergy in the body, or bioenergetic blocks associated with emotional symptoms.

16 - Can I mix OxySilver™ with Juice?

For best results always take OxySilver™ by itself.

17 - What is best way to take OxySilver™?

For best results take 3 capfuls of OxySilver 3 times a day with prayer when you feel you are coming down with something, or are already ill.

Take 1 capful once a day with prayer as natural immune support, when you are feeling healthy.

18 - What are the Silver parts per million in OxySilver™ ?


19 - Can pets be given OxySilver™?


20 - Why do we use plastic bottles?

We package in the highest quality plastic containers that are Bis-Phenol A free etc. Some plastics are extremely sensitive to static build-up which is why we package in only PETE #1 bottles with static resistant paper to eliminate static generation during shipping.

21 - Glass bottles are less effective.

Unlike standard colloidal silver our experience has actually shown us that OxySilver™ is less effective after one year in glass than in plastic. There tends to be a plating affect with OxySilver™ when packaged in glass that does not occur in plastic. We package in the highest quality plastic containers that are Bis-Phenol A free.

22 - Is it safe to use OxySilver™ if I am taking prescription drugs?

OxySilver™ has been proven to be far less toxic to humans than antibiotics. Please follow the recommended amount on the bottle. If you are taking medication always consult with your Doctor.

23 - Can a pregnant mother or a baby take OxySilver?

Studies prove this class of oligodynamic silver hydrosols is superior in safety and can be taken by a baby or a pregnant mother. Users relying on OXYSILVER™ will have a heightened level of confidence living in a world of friendlier germs.

24 - What is OxySilver?

OXYSILVER™ is a nutritional supplement that is made in a suspension of electrically charged silver atoms ionically prepared and combined with oxygen in a most unique way, that is covalently bonded, to energized oxygen atoms. This product is unique in that it “zaps” anaerobic germs and diseases affected by oxygen. This includes the vast majority of ailments from colds to cancers. OXYSILVER™ is an energy delivering, oxygenating, water-based, silver-ionized, frequency resonating formula that can only be produced in a special reactor that was first developed and tested by NASA scientists for space missions and sustaining life in space when vital oxygen levels are low and water purity needs are high.

25 - What is the shelf life of OxySilver™?

The shelf life for a bottle of OxySilver™ is indefinite.

26 - Will OxySilver™ turn people blue?

No. It is the pharmaceutical grade colloidal silver that turns people blue.

27 - What are the properties of Oxysilver™ and how should it be handled/ stored?

We recommend that Oxysilver™ be stored in a cool dark  place at 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit but in reality Oxysilver™ can handle extreme temperatures at both ends of the spectrum and not lose its efficacy. We do recommend that if you mix the product for drinking that you use a deionized water (Distilled water) so that the product will not react with certain minerals and contaminants that are found in many municipal water supplies and in mass marketed non-deionized  filtered waters.

28 - Can a PPM meter get an accurate reading of the silver?

The Oxysilver™ molecule is different from a standard silver particle in that it has Oxygen attached to it which causes many standard PPM readers to inaccurately give a false 0 PPM reading on Oxysilver™ concentrations below 5 PPM. Lab grade systems will read these molecules at the correct PPM and may read the presence of other deionized particles present from the Breath of the Earth which will give a higher PPM rating than on the label since the PPM listing is only for the silver based molecules.

29 - How can I find the right equipment to test Oxysilver™?

If you would like to test Oxysilver™ please forward it to any laboratory that uses a VWR Conductivity Meter Model 61161-362 or later. This equipment has been certified accurate in testing our product and is the least expensive and most common professional lab equipment in circulation. Simply Google the above equipment to find the lab nearest you.

30- Is there an impact on Oxysilver™ when it is passed through x-ray or electromagnetic scanners at the country borders?

Oxysilver™ has proven not to lose its effectiveness when passed through x-ray or electromagnetic scanners. Numerous studies worldwide using Oxysilver™ that has passed through such systems have shown that the product did not lose its effectiveness via these scans. Healthy World Distributing recommends the use of its ZeoLife™ product to remove residual radiation from the body from use of other third party products that may retain residual radiation from scans.

31 - Can I take OXYSILVER™ when I am taking ZeoLove, or will the nanosilver be pulled from my body like ZeoLite causes to happen when this lava rock molecule is used for chelation?

You can take OxySilver™ and ZeoLove at the same time AFTER a week of rehydrating and detoxifying yourself with ZeoLove. Do a week of cleansing using your favorite detox regimen along with ZeoLove for most powerful and safe chelation (and clathration). ZeoLove can also be used alone for detoxification along with good hydrating pH8 body chemistry adjusting. Do this, ideally, with adequate water at least a week before taking OxySilver™ to avoid a common "healing crisis" (i.e., Herxheimer Reaction) that occurs when massive amounts of germs in your body are destroyed by OxySilver™. The use of ZeoLove detoxification and rehydration first to detox, thus prepare, your body so you can minimize the Herxheimer reaction, ideally eliminating it altogether.

Now, because OxySilver's silver is bonded, permanently, to the water. The silver water goes in, does its jobs, and then is cleared rapidly and naturally by your body. More than 96% leaves your body within 24-48 hours. So this silver never gets deposited into tissues in the way chemical toxins or colloidal silver. ZeoLove, on the other hand, is a detoxification aid; the best in the industry. It pulls heavy metals out of tissues that were deposited as poisons. ZeoLove does the same for chemicals in the blood. ZeoLite, medicine's top chelation agent, pulls minerals from the blood too. So you need to replace those minerals for health. This is why ZeoLove provides mineral supplementation to replace lost minerals.

Marketing Your Affiliate Business

1 - How do I promote my Healthy World Affiliates business?
*We have added theHealthy World Affiliates Banner to this site, so please copy or drag it onto your website, or blog, and attach your personal Healthy World Affiliates url link to it.
*Contact other web or blog owners who have traffic that would be interested in these alternative health products, and ask if you can do a banner trade.
*Purchase email lists, such as for chiropractors, dental hygienists, massage therapists, spas, and contact them regarding this opportunity.
*Set up a screening in your town for the documentary PharmaWhores.  We will make you flyers to give out to people in the audience with your HWA link. Anyone that signs up as an affiiate, will sign up under you.
If you can get an audience of 150 or more, we may even come to do a Q & A and help you promote your affiliate site.  We will not ask you for any part of the admission fee you charge, but instead we will bring products to cover our costs, and you will receive 20% of product sales made onsite.


 32.)  If I want to pay by check, who do I make it payable and where do I send it?
Make check payable to "Healthy World".  In the memo section of the check write "For Healthy World Affiliates Program" and your  affiliates I.D, if you have one.
Send checks to:
Healthy World
5348 Vegas Drive
Ste 353
Las Vegas, NV 89108