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Catalog  528 Products  ZeoLove
ZeoLove™ contains pure zeolite that has been energetically treated to gather and remove more harmful chemicals and heavy metals safely from your body than its competition. The heavy metal and chemical detoxifiication that is commonly observed with ZeoLove, is enhanced with ZeoLove due to its special treatment and superior formula that contains energetically-treated monoatomic elements prepared to additionally help reduce geopathic stress and electromagnetic radiations that research shows can harm health and hamper healing.

Unlike common zeolite products, or chelation aids, ZeoLove replaces minerals that are important for your health, lost during chelation.

The combination of improved heavy metal and chemical removal, more safely chelated to leave the body more thoroughly, with essential minerals being replaced by ZeoLove PLUS the energizing of monoatomic elements influencing body resonance and electromagnetic harmonization, makes ZeoLove a superior choice for better health through safer more effective detoxification.
ZeoLove with 528 - 8oz
Powerful detoxifier and blood purifier ZeoLove™ is a heavy metal eliminating...
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