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Catalog  528 Products  Liquid Dentist

Help stop tooth decay and gum disease!

Get the cleanest smoothest feeling teeth you ever had fast, or your money back!

Stop poisoning yourself and nature buying chemical mouthwashes.

Liquid Dentist zaps the varmints that cause oral diseases, then helps your own body repair your teeth and gums most naturally by working locally, in your mouth, and systemically, throughout your whole body when swallowed. So Liquid Dentist not only helps stop decay causing acid from rotting your teeth, smiting the germs destroying your teeth and gums, but boosts your natural immunity as well when used as recommended.

Now, with good mechanical cleaning, avoiding dietary sugars, and using Liquid Dentist, you can halt and reverse tooth decay and arrest gum disease. With simple self-care and this one amazing new product--Liquid Dentist with 528Hz frequency (LD528)--you can be a super hero to your mouth (and whole body). LD528 is made with all natural ingredients, and we recommend you swallow it, after brushing, swishing, and gargling with Liquid Dentist. What a miracle!

Liquid dentist works simply, naturally and effectively by sending micro-fine silver and oxygen to your teeth and gums. This amazing oxygenating liquid, with antimicrobial silver, energetically zaps the varmints that cause oral diseases, then helps your own body repair your teeth and gums most naturally. (Don't worry about this energized silver accumulating in your body, like old colloidal silvers do. This is new technology. The silver goes in, does its job, then leaves your body.)

This silver-enhanced oxygenating product will make your hygienist ask, "What have you been doing to your teeth, they are so clean!?"....

Just say, "I've been improving my oral health naturally with "LD528," and you can help all your patients do the same by signing up as my partnering affiliate!" (Then sign the dental office up under you, have them order a case for display and sales, which they will want to do, especially after trying Liquid Dentist and feeling the difference on their teeth.)

Ask your hygienists, "Wouldn’t it be great if you could conquer tooth decay without drilling?" Then explain that science shows this can be done with good mechanical cleaning, including brushing and flossing, avoiding refined carbohydrates (i.e., dietary sugars), oxygenating/ozonating decay, and swishing with a mineral solution, like that provided by Liquid Dentist.

Now, if you really want to blow your hygienist's mind, tell her that you swallow Liquid Dentist, after swishing with it for 1-3 minutes, and that not only reduces environmental pollution, but BOOSTS NATURAL IMMUNITY AGAINST hundreds of oral pathogens. Tell the hygienist that your gut, is a "first-line defense" against infectious diseases coming in orally. The Payer's patches lymphatic system surrounding your intestine takes broken germs and communicates immunity to the rest of your lymph system. This is how Liquid Dentist can work wonders for your general health by simply swallowing the pleasant tasting solution!

Remember: When using Liquid Dentist to reverse tooth decay, avoid sweets that feed decay-producing germs, especially sticky candy, chocolates, cakes and cookies. Avoid soda pop, too! This helps Liquid Dentist do it job with electrically-active silver and oxygen. The silver electrocutes the microbes menacing your teeth. The oxygen also kills them. Then, their dead bodies can remain within your decayed tooth, surrounded by your tooth’s original protein fibers. The dead microbes and healthy filaments that dentists always drill away can actually help repair your teeth naturally, according to published scientific studies conducted in Britain. The protein filaments act like construction rebar--iron rods used to strengthen cement buildings. The germ bodies act like little stones in cement that increase strength in the cured filler. So when Liquid Dentist flows minerals, including calcium and phosphate naturally into teeth, into each area of tooth decay prepared by the silver and oxygen, this “one two punch” can, theoretically, create new tooth structure even harder, and more decay resistant, than your original tooth. But you must stay away from sugar (refined carbohydrates) if you want to reverse deep decay, as well as maintain your mouth clean through good oral hygiene and repeated Liquid Dentist applications.

Indeed, scientific studies have proven that tooth decay can arrest and reverse with good nutrition and hygiene. So this natural dental filling is possible without drilling! Liquid Dentist is the first product ever designed to enhance every stage of this natural healing process.

So besides saving your teeth, you can save the cost of needless trips to dentists, and all the pain commonly caused by dental disease and even good dentists, by simply following this advice.

Heal your gum disease, too, without surgery!

Gum disease is most often caused by germs that cause your white blood cell body guards to invade your soft and hard periodontal tissues. Brushing and flossing is important, but periodontal germs and plaque is often missed by even expert flossers and brushers. Liquid Dentist gets where brushes and floss can't go. This oxygenating remineralizing liquid flows where it is needed. You can use Liquid Dentist safely in oral irrigaters to cleans and naturally disinfects beneath your gums, and on root surfaces, to help reduce gum inflammation that leads to periodontal disease. Simply syringing Liquid Dentist down into “deep pockets” will help your hygienist and periodontist as well fight bone loss.

Save a lot of money. . . .

With pleasant tasting Liquid Dentist, you never need to buy another mouthwash. You don't even need toothpaste. You can brush with liquid dentist without toothpaste, rinse with it, gargle with it, and then swallow it for better health. . . . Yes, it is so good for you, and so natural, you would be wasting a precious mineral supplement, oxygenation aid, silver provider, and powerful immune system supporter, if you spit it out. . . .

Besides this, what has your investment in fluoride toothpastes and chemical mouth rinses cost if they failed to prevent or reverse your dental problems? How expensive are fillings and gum treatments today? What about gum surgeries? How costly is dental insurance? Why not give Liquid Dentist a try, to save a lot of grief and money?

Liquid Dentist is guaranteed to give you the cleanest feeling teeth you have ever had, IMMEDIATELY, or your money back. Cleaner teeth assures reduced costs and the best protection you can get to avoid needless expenses, dental diseases, and excruciating pains.

Money back guarantee. . . .

Buy one bottle now. If you are not totally impressed the first time, and every time, you use Liquid Dentist, send the bottle back for a complete refund, including your shipping cost!

We do this because we know Liquid Dentist will give you the feeling that you just visited a great dental hygienist for a cleaning . . . And you will be amazed at how long that feeling lasts. Most people feel VERY CLEAN TEETH for two days after they perform normal oral hygiene followed by a 1-3 minute rinse . So you can expect your teeth to feel very clean and smooth for days after each Liquid Dentist use! AND THIS CLEAN FEELING IS POSITIVELY ADDICTING! . . . MEANING YOU WILL BE MOTIVATED TO TAKE BETTER CARE OF YOUR MOUTH THAN YOU EVER HAVE, pleasing your hygienist.

Help people all around the world save their teeth and gums by sharing the gift of Liquid Dentist.

    Suggested Usage: Once per day, pour 2 tsp Liquid Dentist into the lid. Brush teeth, gums, tongue and cheeks with Liquid Dentist (or your preferred toothpaste). Floss correctly. Swish the Liquid Dentist that is left in the lid for 1-3 minutes. Gargle with what's in your mouth. Swallow.

Liquid Dentist with 528- 8oz
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