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Catalog  Natural Health Co-op Products  528 SuperFood- 11.65 oz

$44.95 528 SuperFood- 11.65 oz
528 SuperFood- 11.65 oz

Terrific whole food supplement great for weight loss, fruit smoothies, and on-the-run recharge. Save 40% off the price by purchasing a Case of 528 Superfood.

All ingredients in this optimally organic/certified wildcrafted 528 SuperFood are derived from natural plants and plant extracts. 528 SuperFood features the 100% natural, wholesome goodness of pure Amaranth and much more. This miraculous ingredient contains all of the amino acids and enzymes needed for life! Advanced ancient civilizations survived mostly on Amaranth seed. Additional fortifiers are listed below including whole brown rice, barley, flaxseed, spirulina, chlorella, and more.  Save bundles on 528 SuperFood by ordering Dr. Horowitz's favorite food by cases of 12, or join our convenient money-saving auto-ship program. You can cancel at anytime, but you won’t. You’ll appreciate it so much you’ll be telling your friends and loved-ones about it!



DELICIOUS tasting 528 SuperFood is optimally organic and formulated to help people stay healthy and lose weight. This surprisingly good-tasting meal-substitute contains optimally rich nutrients from uniquely blended botanicals. Great for children too!


  • Dr. Horowitz has exclusively used 528 SuperFood as his nutritional staple for nearly a decade. He fasted on it for 31 days following a 9-day Stanley Burrough’s Master Cleanser (cayenne-spiked lemonade). Every morning he consumes a tall fruit smoothie made with 528 SuperFood, organic fruit juice(s), fruit, and water.
  • Once you drink a 528 SuperFood fruit smoothie daily for a few days you will never want to be without it. The reason is this perfect, power-packed, high-energy super food is positively addicting! The difference you feel in energy and emotional balance is extraordinary. This is especially true for people with blood sugar-related mood swings. Four or five days into drinking 528 SuperFood smoothies and you no longer feel the 3pm blues and irritability!
  • If you need to lose weight, 528 SuperFood makes it easy and delicious. Typically, people report losing about 10-pounds in the first two weeks from substituting a 528 SuperFood fruit smoothie for their morning meal. It’s amazing how satisfied you still feel by the afternoon.