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Natural Health Co-op Affiliate Business Opportunity

Welcome to Natural Health Co-op, Where All Profits Bless Humanitarian Organizations (NGOs), Along with the "528LOVERevolution!"



Beginning February 1, 2012, for Affiliates to continue earning 40% commission on up to 5 levels, all Affiliates must become Ambassadors. Otherwise Affiliates will make up to 20% commission on up to 5 levels.  (Affiliates receive a commission on the sales made by affiliates under them as follows: First level 10%; 2nd level 5% ;3rd level 2.5%; 4th Level 1.25% and 5th level 1.25%)


For more info see Frequently Asked Questions. CLICK HERE

Please CLICK HERE for more information about registering to become an Ambassador..

IMPORTANT TIP from the Webmaster for Affiliates and Ambassadors returning to purchase products. You should click on your Affiliate/Ambassador link to lock in your personal site to your Browser! To do this enter: affiliate ID -- Make sure the name of the affiliate that referred you appears in this area of the screen. 



Here is our recommended "Starter Kit," and eight of the most advanced health care products on earth. . . . Don't forget to order the award-winning docu-comedy anti-drug-cult classic PHARMAWHORES.